HABA is natural!

HABA produces their wooden toys at its site in Bad Rodach, Franconia and uses woods from sustainable forestry. Suppliers are PEFC* certified.The natural and mechanical characteristics of beech and maple wood, in combination with a design of clear colours and shapes are the most suitable for a good toy.When it comes to applying colours, we only use water-based ecological solvent-free lacquers. Multiple lacquer layers render the surface extremely resistant to humidity and wear and tear, allowing the toy to be taken from the hand to the mouth, at any time. The quality of the lacquers is insured, apart from independent controls, by the long-term partnership built up with certified suppliers.


PEFC = Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes. The aim of the organisation is to improve sustainable forestry and the maintenance and ecological balance of forests.




HABA “Made in Germany!” 

Our construction blocks, as most of our wooden toys and figures, are manufactured in Bad Rodach, Germany where HABA‘s worldwide headquarters are located. The wealth of experience, coupled with the latest technologies guarantee the consistent high quality of our products.


HABA meets childrens’ needs

For over 70 years HABA has been inventing products that children need. High quality toys which will accompany children through their growth. Toys which are delightfully enlightening, leaving plenty of room for imagination. Toys which reveal a world of fun and learning. Our play ”inventors“ and designers at HABA put great care and thought into the creation of games, toys and accessories. Parents themselves, they are sensitive to the needs of our children. Their ideas are transformed by the use of materials which undergo continuous controls and care ful inspection. Naturally, our toys comply, and often exceed, safety standards!


HABA is versatile!

Seven product designers, seven game developers and three graphic designers annually develop for HABA, approx. 250 ideas for games, furniture and accessories which are sold in 50 countries. The special attention to detail makes each and every one of the approx. 2000 HABA products unique!


HABA is certified!

In 2005 the company Habermaaß successfully passed the re-certification of DIN EN ISO 9001 and the new certificate ISO 14001. These certificates guarantee a high quality environmental management system, as well as consistent product standards, the compliance with all prevailing safety requirements and the rigorous abidance of all environmental guidelines


Products Ranges


HABA Toys includes an assortment of innovative, high quality:

  • Infant toys
  • Toy Shop and Role Play
  • Gifts
  • Children’s Jewellery
  • Games and books
  • Children’s furniture and accessories
  • Lamps


HABA Daycare Centre

HABA Daycare includes furniture systems for daycare centres and kindergartens. HABA furniture combines functionality, flexibility and practical modern design. This product range opens up a world of possibilities for teachers to change or adapt furniture, at any time, depending on the needs of the various age groups.


HABA Play and Learn

HABA Play and Learn range assists the development of children from two to six years of age, and includes:

  • Educational Blocks
  • Architectural Blocks
  • Play Furniture


HABA Furniture for children and teenagers

HABA Furniture accompanies children while they are growing up. It includes an innovative range that can be changed easily as a child grows to take on new functions, i.e. a baby change table becomes a child’s table or storage shelves, and a cot becomes a child’s bed or a sofa.


Please visit Haba website to view the entire range www.haba.de